Why Android Rules the Mobile Application Market

In the world of smartphones, two mobile devices reign supreme: Android and iPhone. The war between Android and iPhone is ongoing, and it’s safe to say as technology evolves, the leader of the pack will shift. Android, at the moment, is the more popular platform for a number of reasons.  At Mystic Media, as a forward-thinking mobile development company, we recommend developing for both iOS and Android to make the most of your dollar.

The basic difference between Android and iPhone application development is simple. Android uses an open-source platform.  The source code for Android is available to the public, making it the more developer-friendly platform.

Although Apple gets a greater percentage of the mobile smartphone revenue due to the iPhone’s larger price, Android holds a greater percentage of the market share.  Over 50 percent of the global smartphone market uses Android.  Applications for Android reach a larger user base, thus there’s a greater audience for your application.

iPhone is a gourmet smartphone. It has a smaller market, but a faster operating system. In this department, Android is playing catch-up; however, Android is currently working toward creating a smartphone titled “Android Silver” which will have a faster operating system to compete with the speed of the iPhone.  The greater variety of Android smartphones means a greater variety of consumers with eyes on your application.

The process of getting your application approved is much, MUCH easier for Android.  iTunes is notoriously slow in approving applications.  Apple has a strict set of rules evaluating what applications they are willing to approve and what they will deny. When Opera, a well-established internet browser, designed a browsing application for iPhones, they held a contest taking bets on the amount of time it would take Apple to approve their app.  In the end, it took nearly a month. With Android, one simply designs the app, writes a description, sets a price, and it’s done–pushed out into a the Google Play store to a massive global market.

Looking forward, Android continues to grow, in fact, Android is the fastest growing technology product in history. In 23 quarters, Apple’s IOS hit 700 million users–an amazing feat in its own right. Android, on the other hand, took 20 quarters to hit 1 BILLION users. Android’s current global market share of smartphone operating systems is set around 80%. Android also controls the first time buyer market, which means as more consumers grow with the device, it’s market share will only increase.

The numbers are simple and speak the truth. Android is the more popular platform. It’s easier for application development and it’s easier to monetize and market your applications. You will reach a greater audience developing for Android, and that audience will only continue to grow. At Mystic Media, we specialize in Android application development. Our expertise in creating and marketing mobile applications for both platforms is unrivaled in our field.

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