iOS 8: Through the Grapevine

Although IOS 7.1 was released earlier this year, in the fast moving world of mobile technology, it’s vital that you stay a step ahead of the present. IOS 8, codenamed “Okemo”, represents a major step forward in the potential of IOS functionality.

While a glut of rumors are currently swirling around the web concerning IOS 8, certain features seem to be locked-in. Much has made about the inferiority of Apple’s built-in Maps application compared to Google Maps, Apple is looking to upgrade their app to compete in the GPS game. The upgraded Maps will not only have public transit available, it will have a feature allowing the user to click on a street to see the restaurants, shops, and general points-of-interest on that street.

Siri will also receive a major upgrade in the IOS 8. The upgraded Siri will have the ability to interact with third-party applications. Application designers will be able to program their apps so that Siri can complete commands within them. Siri is also expected to have the popular music recognition app “Shazam” built-in, so it can identify songs when asked.

iPad owners are in luck, split-screen applications will allow users to multi-task with ease. Designed exclusively for tablet users, applications will have the ability to run side by side, an ability already featured on Microsoft’s Surface.

The major feature added in the new IOS design will be an application called Healthbook. Healthbook represents a major step toward drastically changing the way iPhones are integrated into users’ everyday lives. Users can input information about their lives into Healthbook, such as activity, weight, and nutrition, and Healthbook will have the ability to not only monitor progress, but also put statistics into a graph to visualize it. In addition, Healthbook will have the ability to monitor your glucose levels (which could represent a major improvement in the lives of diabetics), as well as your pulse, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation. An emergency card will hold your name, birthdate, medical information, blood type and organ donor status should the user become injured in such a way that they are unable to speak.

For the most part, IOS 8 looks to fix some of the glitches in IOS 7, especially with regard to the Maps application. The addition of Healthbook represents a major step forward in the iPhone’s functionality. Healthbook has the potential to be a force against the obesity epidemic in the US. As the technology develops, there are seemingly endless applications in which Healthbook could expand. Healthbook could become an integrated life-alert system for the elderly, a comprehensive dietary advisory system, and a digital personal trainer rolled into one. The possibilities are vast. Apple is expected to debut IOS 8 in June at the World Wide Developer Conference, and release it to the public by November 2014.

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