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Top Productivity Apps and How They Can Change Your Business

Productivity Apps are on the rise. They represent a growing vertical which reaps profit off of creating apps which enhance technology use to ensure one gets the most out of their devices. Entrepreneurial app developers are looking to capitalize. Here’s a list of the market trends and some the best productivity apps within each niche.


Hundreds, sometimes thousands of unnecessary emails make it difficult to decipher which emails are important and which still need responses. A bevy of productivity apps are aimed at helping users organize their inboxes, as well as redefining the way we collaborate.

Mailbox is designed by the makers of Orchestra To-Do, the 2011 Productivity App of the Year, in collaboration with Dropbox. Mailbox allows you to prioritize emails and tasks, instantly snooze them, and reminds you later of their existence while you focus on what’s important.

Check out this awesome video to see Mailbox in action:


Similar to Mailbox, Boomerang works with Gmail to allow users to draft messages and schedule them to be sent later. It reminds the user if they don’t hear back from important emails. It also allows the user to temporarily clear out distracting emails and return to them later.


One of the big sectors of opportunity for productivity apps is time management. The importance of a daily routine has been well-documented by a plethora of innovators. A large portion of productivity apps are dedicated toward maximizing one’s time through calendar integration.

Eternity Time Log gives users the ability to completely record and time their activities. It allows them to create a hierarchy in their priorities, to review their daily logs, analyze reports and understand where they may be losing time.

Timeful is a calendar app which learns how the user gets things done and helps to hone their habits by suggesting how to build new habits and work more efficiently.

Sunrise is a free app which streamlines activities—it can automatically dial-in to scheduled conference calls, as well as import photos of your contacts from social media.


Some apps are dedicated to making for collaboration seamless no matter the distance between collaborators. Quip, created by Facebook’s former CTO, allows users to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations and allows them to collaborate easily on blog posts, projects, or even with one’s family on grocery lists.

Slack eliminates the need for an internal email system with a streamlined communications app designed specifically for professionals.

Yammer is a private social network designed specifically for the office. It not only allows employees to share information faster and more efficiently, it makes that information easily accessible to the people who need it who might not necessarily be CC’d on the thread. Yammer also integrates with Microsoft Office 365 to further enhance the work integration and collaboration experience.


A number of productivity apps defy traditional labels in their unique quest to maximize one’s time.

Networking is a major part of any business. Humin acts as a digital butler which remembers details about how and where you meet your business connections.

Noisli generates background sounds and colors based on the user’s activity designed to improve focus, whether you’re working or relaxing.

f.lux automatically adjusts the colors of the user’s phone or computer backlight to the time of day. If it’s late, the app filters out blue light which is known to disrupt sleep patterns, replacing it with an amber glow, making for a more efficient sleep.

Productivity apps represent an opportunity to dramatically improve the efficiency of one’s daily routine through technology. With the right app developer, finding a niche in which an app could potentially make life easier and more productive will result in not only a positive human contribution, but a profitable one as well.

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