Should Your Company Develop Native Apps or HTML-5-Based Apps?

When smartphones were introduced, the debate regarding app development quickly heated up.  Questions were raised regarding the advantages and disadvantages of developing native apps versus HTML apps.  While the debate continues, especially after the release of HTML-5, professional app developers agree, native apps are better than HTML-5 apps.

For those who are unfamiliar with the concepts of native and HTML-5 apps, here are definitions for quick reference:

  1. Native apps: apps specifically developed for and downloaded directly to mobile devices.
  2. HTML-5 apps: apps housed on the web and able to run across all mobile platforms and devices.

Of course, it is easy to find naysayers and detractors who believe whole-heartedly in HTML-5 apps.  However, there are many compelling reasons why companies should request native app development.  First, here are the reasons why HTML-5 app development is not the right choice for your company:

  1. Fragmentation issues exist due to the need for compatibility with multiple browsers.
  2. Not all mobile browsers fully support HTML-5.
  3. HTML-5 does not work offline and has an inferior UI.
  4. The development focus of HTML-5 is still on websites viewed from desktop computers not mobile devices.
  5. No central app store exists to purchase HTML-5 apps making it difficult for companies to tap into the $6 billion app economy.
  6. Facebook and Linkdin dropped HTML-5 due to reasons 1-5 and other development limitations.

If the list above is not enough to convince you that native apps are better, the distinct advantages of native app development listed below should help:

  1. Native apps offer better overall performance and superior UI.
  2. There are stronger security features for professional app developers to utilize and leverage.
  3. Native apps offer easier monetization through Google Play and Apple App stores.
  4. Mobile app developers find more value in developing native apps. (The experts have spoken!)
  5. It is easier to identify and implement necessary improvements for native apps.

Why native app development is better, is further supported based on the larger PC and mobile device marketplace.  Outlined below are interesting trends that developers of mobile apps are paying attention to:

  1. Since 2005 mobile device sales have surpassed PC sales and were found to be 2x higher and growing in 2012.
  2. In the 2nd quarter of 2012, overall shipments of PCs stagnated and have consistently fallen since then.
  3. Tablet sales are projected to overtake PC sales in 2-3 years.
  4. Mobile device home screens are dominated by apps not mobile browsers.
  5. 80% of the information accessed on mobile devices is app-based.

For Salt Lake City-based companies looking for a sophisticated mobile app that can deliver complex data and heavier graphics to the end-user, native app development is the answer.  No one needs an app with loading and other compatibility issues with mobile devices.  The larger goal is to engage users and develop loyal customers.  Companies in Utah will succeed with native apps.

In Salt Lake City, Mystic Media specializes in mobile app development.  Our expertise in developing native apps for iPhones and Android devices is unparalleled.  Contact Mystic Media today for a free consultation and to learn why we are Utah’s best mobile app development company.