Blackberry’s BBM App For Android: Why Your Company Should Be Paying Attention

After several years of debate amongst software developers regarding platform superiority, the answer has finally come.  Both Android and iOS are equally powerful and important in overall value to the marketplace.  Where does this answer come from?  Surprisingly, Blackberry, and they’ve done it with the release of their Blackberry Messenger (BBM) app for Android and iPhone.

In developing an app for multi-platform use, Blackberry is quietly acknowledging their loss of mobile hardware and software market share.  Even though Blackberry isn’t explicitly stating the three items outlined below, industry experts surely are:

  1. Android and iOS innovation along with the combined share of the marketplace is too substantial for Blackberry to compete with.
  2. Blackberry is struggling to differentiate itself with their new line of hardware products.
  3. Blackberry’s business strategy may be better suited to software and web development.

In parts of the world where Blackberry no longer has a strong foothold, the Middle East and North Africa, Blackberry turned to Samsung to help with unveiling the BBM app.  The partnership with Samsung, was Blackberry’s attempt to gain back some of the instant messaging market share it has been steadily losing since 2011.  Sadly, many experts agree that Blackberry app developers may be acting too late.  Had Blackberry marketing strategists, software developers, and other leaders within the company had more foresight, BBM would have been launched in 2010 and the Blackberry Z10 and Q10 as early as 2011.

With the recent firing of its CEO Thorsten Hiens, Blackberry is showing clear signs of a company in a downward spiral.  As a result, the US and global market share once held by Blackberry is up for grabs as the development of apps for Android and iOS continues to grow.  Sporting increasingly better hardware and software, as we reported in our blogs‘Google Fragmentation No Longer…’ and ‘7th Heaven’, developers of Android and iOS mobile phone apps are sure to be in high demand.

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