Online Radio Streaming: Apple’s New Battleground With The Release Of iTunes Radio

As we reported in, Is Online Radio Streaming Taking Over AM/FM? and, Online Radio Streaming is the New Frontier, online radio is changing the way we listen to music.  Since the introduction of many popular internet radio stations, several different companies offering music streaming have come and gone.  While companies like Pandora and Spotify have found success, coming this Fall, there will be a new kid on the block trying to change how the game is played.

As a part of its iOS 7 software release, Apple will unveil iTunes Radio.  With it, Apple hopes to revolutionize its mobile advertising strategy.  Apple has inked deals with McDonalds, Nissan, and Pepsi to make iTunes Radio the number one online streaming service around.  Their goal is to effectively unite music and advertising, and as one of the largest untapped marketing opportunities available on the internet, this appears to be attainable.

According to a report by Forrester Research, internet radio stations offer a powerful medium to marketers and advertisers.  It is a unique platform providing a way to make a guaranteed impression on users.  Website pages overwhelm users with multiple advertisements diluting the impact of each message.  Online radio advertisements are less invasive and end up being more memorable.

The following are two statistics many mobile marketing strategists are paying attention to:

  1. Only 6% of adults are willing to pay for access to ad-free radio streaming services.
  2. Approximately 44% of online radio listeners who remembered ads (approx. 58%) took some action in relation to it.

With the release of iTunes Radio and iOS 7, Apple is making a strong bid to become the number one platform for all things digital.  Tap into the power of online radio streaming and guarantee your message is not only heard but is acted upon.  Mystic Media is a leader in designing marketing strategies and advertisements for online radio stations, and harnessing the power of iOS 7.  Contact us today to learn how your company can leverage the power of online radio streaming.