Is Online Radio Streaming Taking Over AM/FM? See What the Latest Data Suggests

Is AM/FM radio out of touch with today’s listening audience?  Maybe.  Recent data reveals that there is a 70% difference in the top 10 streaming radio playlists and traditional radio playlists.  While this statistic may not signal the end of AM/FM radio, it does signal that online radio is the new world order, driving song and artist popularity.  So, if AM/FM radio wants to keep its current customer base, they’d do well to pay attention to online radio listening habits.

Another significant statistic in the music world is the decline in digital music sales.  The overall market share for digital albums is 43%.  However, a 2013 Nielsen Report states that sales are down almost 5% from the same 6-month period in 2012.  More than 50 billion audio and video streams occurred in the first 6 months of 2013.  Overall, online radio streaming is up 24% since last year.  As attitudes about music ownership and listening preferences shift, it is clear that online radio is mounting an increasingly successful takeover. 

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