View the Top Web Design and Development Trends in 2013

The top 2013 Web Design trends are here – and they’re focused on an enhanced user experience. Customers have spoken and the industry has listened. Here are the web design trends that folks are clamoring for:

  1. Parallax Web Design – Keeps your content delivery professional and visually interesting. The background moves slower than the foreground content, allowing you to provide more information without the need for multiple pages.
  2. Infinite Scrolling – Decrease load time and provide large amounts of content. Additional content can be loaded quickly as a user’s current scroll position is detected.
  3. Metro Design – Also known as Flat Design, this style adopts the “less is more” principle. Its 2D layout simplifies the content, making it easier to use while keeping a professional look.
  4. Content Delivery Networks – Faster page load times are achieved by decreasing the amount of content needing to be downloaded. While content referencing is old hat, developers have enabled content to be delivered from the closest server based on user location. This reduces errors and increases the speed at which pages load.
  5. Responsive Web Design – This reduces the development costs of websites. Instead of having to manage multiple websites for multiple devices, websites can detect the viewing window and can adjust themselves accordingly.

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