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Calling All DJ’s! Tap Into The Power Of Online Radio Streaming Today

Online radio streaming players can help you increase visibility, attract new listeners, and gain access to a much broader audience.

If online radio is a new concept, it is quickly becoming “the” medium to consume music and news.  Recent reports state that amongst 13-35 year olds, online radio streaming accounts for about half of their radio and music listening time.  As the market for online radio grows it is important to tap into its huge potential now and outpace your competition.

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Our designers can help craft custom players guaranteed to increase your audience.  A fully loaded player also comes with built-in advertising to help you generate additional revenue.  National sponsors love the reach online radio streaming provides and are spending more and more advertising dollars as a result.  Along with promoting a vast network of national sponsors, you can advertise and charge your venues and clubs where you perform.  Our players offer the ability to create custom video pre-rolls that are seen every time the player is opened. This provides maximum exposure and can bring in a substantial amount of revenue.

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As stated above, radio streaming provides one of the best ways to help a DJ attract new listeners and get maximum exposure to your current fan base.  A custom player can be used to educate and entertain listeners.

Imagine having a tool box full of tools to help build a successful radio streaming business.

A fully loaded custom media player can run audio and video pre-rolls.  Educational programming can be uploaded to the On-Demand player and video programming can be displayed for your sponsors as well.  Other advantages to a custom player include making audio/video announcements of special events, having coupons available for listeners to download and much more.

Online radio is the radio of the future.  Don’t hesitate to leverage the power of a custom online media player to increase visibility and listening audience.

For a free consultation/brainstorming session to discuss individual needs, feel free to contact: Gary Lee at 954-481-9402 ext. 243 or glee@securenetsystems.net.  Don’ forget to mention Promo Code: MM1073

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