Save Your Android App From Drowning in the Google Play Store Ocean

If your company is planning to use the Android marketplace to increase its visibility, pay close attention to this article.  In 2008, there were approximately 500 apps available for download.  Today, there are over 850,000 Android apps in the Google Play Store.  As a result, Android app promotion could be harder than development.  So, how is your app going to amount to more than just a drop of water in the app ocean?

These days, sheer grit and determination won’t cut it.  App promotion is a battlefield with two fronts.  The first is offline, such as word of mouth, magazines and television.  The second is online, for example app store promotions, email campaigns, in-app ads and 3rd party sites.

Once your app is successfully developed follow these four steps:

  1. Hold yourself with authority and speak about your new app with confidence.
  2. Identify and target gatekeepers within your space in order to get your app a seat at the table amongst influential people.
  3. Create positive memories for the users interacting with you and your app.
  4. Believe in the app you’ve developed and project your confidence outward.

When confronted with online promotion it used to be all about SEO, SEO and more SEO.  Now, online promotion calls for SEO and ASO, App Store Optimization.  Follow the steps outlined below and your app is sure to get noticed:

  1. Optimize your Android app for the Google Play Store.  ASO components include keywords in the app title and description, link-building, icon design, and promotional graphics.
  2. Optimize your app for search engines.  You will need to build a website promoting your app if you don’t already have one.
  3. Don’t be a wallflower.  Share information about your app on all of the major social networking platforms.
  4. Guest post on other websites and introduce yourself as a thought leader.
  5. Utilize app recommendations and app discovery programs to increase visibility. 

In sifting through the app ocean, following these steps will surely help your app outpace its competition.