How To Generate Revenue From Mobile Ad Networks

You sit at home watching sports while you surf your iPad.  You drive, following the directions of a mobile application.  You work on your computer, but you check your Smartphone while you wait for a page to load. Technology dominates our lives to the point where we’re generally engaged in not only one, but two or more than electronic devices throughout our day.  The 21st century company must reach mobile customers wherever they are, at their desktop, on their iPhone, or on their iPad.  Marketing strategies require cross-platform advertising if they have any chance at success.  As mobile device usage and app development grow, it becomes more and more evident the most effective advertisements are designed to be compatible across different types of devices.
Soon after smartphones were introduced, the best mobile development companies began offering cross-platform marketing.  However, the idea lay dormant for years until sales of iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices reached a tipping point and created a huge shift in how people engage with technology and the World Wide Web.  Now, if someone looks at you on the street while you wait for the bus, chances are you will look to your smartphone, and within that smartphone, you’ll look at a mobile app, and within that mobile app, you’ll glance at an advertisement.  Consumers are starved for web and mobile content to fill up the empty moments in their day, intelligent companies know to take advantage of every opportunity they can to establish their brand.
Smartphone sales now surpass PC sales.  The growth of the mobile platform opened up opportunity for capitalization.  Innovations in geo-location, mobile ad serving/tracking have made it easier than ever to strategically develop and monetize mobile applications and advertisements to target consumers.  Tools such as Google Enhanced Campaign allow marketers to execute paid search programs across mobile platforms.  Generally speaking, cross-platform marketing campaigns require three things to be successful:

  1. Premium scale across all mobile platforms.
  2. Precise first and third party data to link parties together.
  3. An optimized engine designed to increase results.

Total iPad and tablet sales have consistently risen since their introduction into the market place.  The number of downloaded apps also continues to grow.  Meanwhile, PC sales have steadily leveled off and even dropped due to the proliferation of mobile devices.  The days of the desktop campaign are over.  Utah companies and companies throughout the United States are expected to invest in cross-platform marketing to create indispensable brand continuity, solidifying any given company’s presence in the marketplace.
Professional web developers reap the benefits as well.  Cross-platform marketing proves significantly less labor intensive due to the reduced development needs.  Without having to build ads for every platform, web development firms spend more time on graphics and functionality.  The payoff for both companies makes cross-platform marketing the best and most cost-effective design for online advertising.
Sales and sales projections of mobile devices have created an increase in the need for stunning and cost-effective mobile and web ads.  Now, with cross-platform marketing, developers have the perfect tool to make online ads pay off in a big way.  Don’t waste money on ineffective campaigns, maximize every dollar spent on online advertising through cross-platform mobile marketing to achieve a positive ROI.